Meet the AI pioneers in Greece and learn about the initiatives in which they participate.


SciFY - Science For You

Non-Profit Company

SciFY is a technological, Urban NGO, which develops state-of-the-art information systems and offers them free of charge to all, including... Read more

Is an AI Pioneer.Participates in EU Commission’s DIGITAL SME Focus Group on AI
Reported a Pioneer in AI in GR (by Boston Consulting Group)

Experience in AI Training.

  • Has trained over 1,500 people in AI to date.
  • Special programmes for Businesses, Students
  • Local/ International levels

Develops AI solutions.For business and the general public that are used daily.

Works closely with organizations that promote AI:

  • EU Commission
  • NCSR Demokritos
  • Hellenic AI Society
  • SciFY Academy (1500+ people in AI up to date)
  • Prometheus AI Training Program
  • AIIS European project (ΑΙ Training of medical students)
  • NewSum app (AI for the news industry)
  • Alpha and Omega (AI for journalists)

We began '1000 Pioneers for AI' in order to create a network of people that want to innovate utilizing AI in an anthropocentric manner. The first resolts are very encouraging!

Intracom Telecom


is an international provider of telecommunication systems and solutions, with a presence of over 40 years in the market. The company innovates in the fields of wireless access & ... Read more

In 2012, Intracom Telecom introduced BigStreamer™, one of the first Big Data management platforms, and the support of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in the field of telecommunications. Today, the R&D team of our company consists of about 35 people specialized in AI (Data Scientists, Analysts, Engineers, Administrators). This team has been involved in several projects for Telecommunications, Energy, and Health organizations, Banks, and Smart Cities both in Greece and abroad. Among others, the company has developed a number of enterprise-ready AI applications with the generic name Cognitiva™, which are supported by advanced technological tools.

  • Air Pollution Prediction - Prediction of the evolution of air pollution parameters in the city of Belgrade through machine learning
  • Sentiment Analysis - Processing of Greek texts and sound for the automatic detection of positive/negative judgement of clients and of the products that concern them.
  • NFV Resource Intelligence - Smart management of computer resources in networks based on NFV by utilizing advanced forms of AI, like Reinforcement Learning.
  • ETSI ENI - Participation to the Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI) Industry Specifications Group of ETSI stressing the application of AI on the smart management of telecommunication systems.
  • Power Consumption prediction - Research project on the prediction of energy consumption by small and medium-sized businesses through Machine Learning algorithms aiming at green economy.
  • Energy Disaggregation - Research project on the automatic device recognition through their energy footprint in smart energy meters, aiming at limiting the energy consumption of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Crowdsensing Automatic recognition of gathering of a great number of citizens through Wi-Fi networks and sending alarms to municipalities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this community, we have the opportunity to offer and take important knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence, while also creating partnerships with top companies and people. Other than knowledge and experience in AI, the community helps develop the appropriate digital skills so that its members can further co-operate and innovate.



Obko is an ecosystem based on artificial intelligence algorithms that aspires to become the user's single point of contact with their bank, unifying their financial life... Read more

Obko is fundamentally grounded in artificial intelligence, with AI serving as the key-tool enabling the delivery of its services. Through the utilization of AI, Obko adeptly analyzes users' financial data, comprehending their behavioral patterns, strategic thinking in financial matters, and spending habits.   


At the same time, AI enables obko to present users with a current financial snapshot and statistical analyses of their past financial activities. Additionally, it can offer users accurate forecasts for future payments, detailing how these may impact their liquidity to ensure that all their obligations are covered.

  • SciFY Academy  2019 Training
  • Financial data processing of users to draw qualitative conclusions about their financial behavior and the ability to provide them with targeted and practical money management advice.

We will be part of an ecosystem continually inspired, developed, and created through Artificial Intelligence. By participating in the 1000 Pioneers initiative, we can exchange ideas and know-how, exploring future service-level synergies that will deliver added value to our end users.



In ANAVATHMISI, we envision a better Public Sector—modern, efficient, sustainable, and capable of addressing contemporary challenges. ... Read more

We approach each agency as a separate case, emphasizing its particularities. We analyze the organization's data in depth, study its capabilities, use cutting-edge technologies, always design in close cooperation with the agencies themselves, and implement the most comprehensive, innovative, applicable, and sustainable solution. Key pillars of the implementation of our methodology are the company's highly trained interdisciplinary human resources, as well as its wide network of top-of-the-line partners.

Management team training: “Leading AI-Empowered Innovation”
ΑΙ Roadmap Application

A customer-centric philosophy, prompt response, speed of service, reliability, and a problem-solving culture are core values of the company. We continuously strive to enhance the quality of the services we offer, investing in human capital and innovation. Our participation in the first AI community in Greece aligns seamlessly with all of the above, as reflected in the company's modern strategy and our corporate motto: 'Building a Better Public Sector.'



PlanBe's mission is to build smart, resilient, and sustainable Cities. We provide strategies and tools to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable ... Read more

Harnessing AI is at the core of PlanBe's strategy, as it is a prerequisite for strategic planning and the creation of smart, resilient, and sustainable cities. Indicative projects of PlanBe are the digital transformation study of the Town of Rhodes and the first Voluntary Local Review in Greece for the Municipality of Skiathos.

Management team training: “Leading AI-Empowered Innovation”
ΑΙ Roadmap Application

Participating in a community of leading professionals in the field of AI know-how and its application offers the possibility to exchange views, strengthen alliances, and jointly achieve a sustainable and inclusive society. This also includes the targeted selection of appropriate βιώσιμης χωρίς αποκλεισμούς καθώς και τη στοχευμένη επιλογή ενδεδειγμένων AI models to create smart cities and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.



The OTE Group is the largest technology company in Greece and one of the leading companies on the Athens Stock Exchange in terms of ... Read more

COSMOTE owns and manages large volumes of data from various sources. By exploiting them, it can train AI algorithms and create services that will make the world better for everyone. In this context, Cosmote invests in targeted AI solutions that cover both internal and customer needs. These solutions cover a wide range of technologies, such as Machine vision, NLP, chatbots, sentiment analysis, etc.

COSMOTE participates, supports, and promotes innovation through actions that present solutions and services based on AI-related technologies. Based on the above, COSMOTE has created the IT Innovation Center Team, which aims to monitor, support, and promote innovation in all our Group functions and activities. The IT Innovation Center Team explores the connection and relevance of AI solutions in the Telecommunications sector and actively supports their adoption

Through the 1000 Pioneers initiative, COSMOTE benefits from the transfer of know-how, resulting from the contact and collaboration between members. AI companies and providers create a network of partners. Apart from developing the skills of COSMOTE employees, this transfer of AI know-how will also assist them in adopting solutions for their daily tasks.


Non-profit Foundation

Desmos is a Non-profit Foundation that serves as a hub between donors and beneficiary organizations throughout Greece in order to cover documented needs in ... Read more

Knowledge and Insights on AI.
Emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices in AI implementation. Staying informed about AI advancements is crucial for non-profits to leverage AI effectively in their operations.

Inspiration and Innovation.
We were exposed to groundbreaking ideas and projects that can spark creativity and new approaches to addressing the issues we are passionate about.


Non-profit organization

Mexoxo is a non-profit organization that supports women in fully utilizing their capabilities. Believing that education is the tool for development and change, Mexoxo encourages, ... Read more

After participating in the SciFY session, Mexoxo's perspective on AI has evolved significantly. We now recognize the crucial need for awareness in leveraging AI's potential. We see AI as invaluable in enhancing daily operations and pushing boundaries, enabling us to accelerate decision-making, designing, turn curiosity into creativity and contribute to a more sustainable and radiant world.

Until now, our involvement in AI initiatives has been limited to the SciFy session. However, we plan to incorporate AI design into our organization moving forward. This endeavor aims to support our mission to democratize education for women globally, reflecting our CEO's commitment to CGI and making inclusivity and empowerment to women happen.

Participating in Pioneers for AI offers us a multitude of benefits. It provides invaluable networking opportunities, grants access to innovative solutions, fosters collaborations, and promotes inclusivity. Moreover, it keeps us updated on sustainable approaches, aligning perfectly with our mission to advance women's education and empowerment on a global scale. Empowers us to make a meaningful contribution to the evolution of the world.


Non-profit organization

Odyssea is a non-profit organization that supports vulnerable young people in order to best respond to employment opportunities in society, by ... Read more

Unlike most medium level NGOs, Odyssea is a data-driven organization that utilizes digital technologies, well-documented processes and information to best respond to specific tasks and swiftly adapt to change. In that mindset, we have designed, developed and implemented a custom digital tool that helps us organize and monitor our work and measure our impact, all in one place. He have also developed our Talent Platform ( for efficiently matching job seekers with companies. By using data analytics and AI, we enhance our commitment to an evidence-based model for decision making and are able to share valuable data and good practices with our sponsors, the job market and other stakeholders of the humanitarian ecosystem.

Leveraging this knowledge and with the intention to democratize access to emerging technologies, Odyssea is creating a series of AI tools to support its internal and external operations. Some tools that are under development or planned are: 

- Matching algorithms for our companies and beneficiaries 

- Smart impact assessment 

- Smart prioritization of fundraising leads 

- Smart filtering of incoming requests

Odyssea has gained a more holistic understanding of how to develop its AI strategy and great support from field experts on its next steps in the world of AI.

Save Your Hood

Non-profit organization

Save Your Hood is a Non-Profit Organization that was born 3 years ago from our need to live in cleaner, more beautiful and healthier neighborhoods! It encourages ... Read more

Artificial intelligence can be of great help both to Save Your Hood and to all civil society organizations and groups. Familiarity with this will help us manage problems such as lack of adequate staff and funding as well as manage our large number of volunteers in a meaningful way. It will also enable us to create innovative projects to combat waste in Greece, promote the circular economy and save our neighborhoods!

Athens Alzheimer Association

Non-profit organization

Athens Alzheimer Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by people with dementia, their relatives, and healthcare professionals interested in ... Read more

Not very active at the moment

SciFΥ Pioneers for AI training

Better understanding of how AI works and how it can assist us in achieving our goals.


Non-profit organization

HIGGS | Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability | is a non-profit organization which aims to reinforce ... Read more

After participating to the seminar implemented by SciFy, were excited and eager to explore new possibilities in the filed of AI and its possible application to our services provided.

We are exploring our options in creating a roadmap of initiating AI actions in our work.

Knowledge, updates and application on AI. Networking with other stakeholders interested in AI. Ability to inform and disseminate the AI updates to other CSOs participating in our core programms, events and activties.


Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer, "Alma Zois"

Non-profit organization

The Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer, "Alma Zois", is a non-profit organization... Read more

For now, as an organization, we have participated in the Training Program 'AI Pioneers in Civil Society.'

We hope that through our participation in Pioneers for AI, we will be given the opportunity to network and develop new partnerships. Additionally, we aim to adopt solutions that will enhance our daily operations and take advantage of opportunities to access innovative solutions. Our ultimate goal is the more effective, broader, and more immediate coverage of the needs of women with breast cancer in Greece.


WWF Greece

Non-profit organization

WWF Greece is an independent national environmental NGO that belongs to the Global WWF Network. It operates ... Read more

To date our relationship with AI is essentially exhausted in the utilization of AI modules embedded in mainstream software. A mild use of AI for text editing is also taking place.

We are currently investigating options for utilizing AI for the purposes of CRM, document management, but also for specific field applications (as uses in telemetry).

To date we have benefited from an excellent training and guided discussion on possible applications. We look forward to opportunities for know-how exchanges and partnerships, especially in applications that are of common interest to the NGO community.

Child and Adolescent's Center

Urban Non-profit Company

The Child and Adolescent Center is an Urban Non-Profit Company founded in... Read more

People WIth Disabilities Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge and information about how AI works and how it can be helpful/supportive for people with disabilities. Networking with colleagues and greater self-confidence and optimism for its usefulness concerning the interconnection and inclusion of disabled people in the labor market!

PanHellenic Association for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Work Re-Integration (PEPSAEE)

Non-Profit Scientific Association

The PanHellenic Association for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Work Re-Integration (PEPSAEE) is a non-profit... Read more

In the context of the holistic support it offers to the served workers and potential workers receiving mental health services, the Employment Support Office of the Specialized Day Center "Social Dialogue Center" of PEPSAEE uses information methods and consulting adapted to the new trends and data of the modern digital age (use of the Internet, participation of recipients in webinars, use of digital platforms to write a CV, search for jobs related to new technologies and trends). However, it is a challenge and an opportunity to integrate recipients into employment programs in artificial intelligence, an emerging field with promising results in many areas.

The Organization participated in the "People with Disabilities Pioneers in AI" program, in which two trainers trained mental health services recipients in the annotation process to develop skills and knowledge on the subject and be absorbed directly into the labor market in related posts. This initiative is in agreement with our goals of inclusion and psychosocial rehabilitation and integrates people with disabilities into a new reality that respects and utilizes the skills and abilities of these individuals with the aim of their general well-being.

• Information about new opportunities in the labor market involving People with Disabilities and following new trends in the labor market. • Inclusion of people with mental difficulties in the application and use of artificial intelligence in the context of psychosocial rehabilitation and professional (re)integration.


George Giannakopoulos

Expert | Research Fellow at NCSR Demokritos" CEO and CRO at SciFY

George Giannakopoulos,has more than 15 years of experience in Software Engineering, IT projects and Artificial Intelligence. He is the CTO of SciFY and a research fellow of the Software ... Read more

He holds a PhD on Artificial Intelligence and specializes in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Mining. Within SciFY he leads a team of more than 10 people on projects related to data mining and text summarization (NewSum project), personalization (PServer project) and other state-of-the-art IT settings.

Prometheus AI Training : “DIGITAL SME Focus Group on AI

Vassilis Giannakopoulos

Marketing and Social Impact Manager at SciFY

Vassilis Giannakopoulos, received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Operations Research and his Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Athens University of ... Read more

Giannakopoulos Konstantinos


Kostas Giannakopoulos is a Physicist (AUTH) with a Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool (1998). He's a Researcher of INN and works in NSCR ''Demokritos'' (Electron Microscopy Lab) since ... Read more

He can help in many neuralgic fields and in Scientific research

Contact with a team that deals with an interesting subject.

Orestis Manos


The subject of my research is the science of materials with emphasis on the search for pioneering magnetic thin films for the purpose of their use in magnetic resistance sensors and disk storage media.

Contribution of artificial intelligence to the search for innovative magnetic structures with special properties for applications of magnetic sensors and disk storage media.

Michael Golias

Informatics professional for 35 years with work experience in IT departments in various private companies in Greece from the position of Head of Department. I began my career... Read more

He can help in many neuralgic fields and in Scientific research

Contact with a team that deals with an interesting subject.

Konstantinidis Efthimios (Akis)

Human Resources Manager (Greece & Cyprus), Printec Hellas SMSA

A results-focused Human Resources professional, with skills and experience in recruiting, compensation and benefits, employment law & relations, training and development. Read more

Eleonora Ricci

Postdoctoral Researcher

My name is Eleonora Ricci, and I am a Chemical Engineer. I received a PhD from the University of Bologna, Italy, and now, as a postdoctoral... Read more

Smaragda Lymperopoulou


Smaragda Lymperopoulou is a Material Engineer with a MSc and a PhD in Chemistry and she holds a second degree in... Read more

Fotis Papastergiou

An economist with a business background, he has a keen interest in technology that originated from a postgraduate thesis ... Read more

I believe that AI will relatively soon affect all the facets of life. Therefore I think it's useful on a professional, but also on a personal level, to know the subject better.

Initially, from the "Pioneers" I won an interesting introductory seminar about AI. I hope that this try evolves into something truly creative on a professional and social level.

Giota Stathakou

Company executive

She stands out for her high-level studies and 12 years of professional experience in Big 4 companies, including ... Read more

I have watched the relevant subject in MIT and am very interested in the transformation that is about to take place in oue life in the near future.

Anastasis Stamatis

Co-founder & Data Scientist, Dataphoria

Anastasis is a Data Scientist and co-founder of Dataphoria, a startup focused on ... Read more

Artificial intelligence has become entrenched in our lives in recent years. My goal is to use this advanced technology for sustainable development and social good.

I am part of a community of people with different fields of action, that are linked by a common interest: Our interest in AI and our want to contribute to its utilization, each one in his or her own field.

Nikos Paliogiannis

Intellectual Property Manager

I am a qualified Chemical Engineer (NTU). For many years, I was involved in the ... Read more

Artificial Intelligence has piqued my interest on various levels for a while now. In the context of my work, regarding evaluation and suggestion on technologies/patents that include AI methods or the development of ideas and the writing of research funding proposals on behalf of the researchers of NCSR "Demokritos" and companies of the Technology Park "Lefkipos", as well as on a personal level as I am interested in the development and the programming of AI methodologies to be used in my research efforts or in the facilitation of my daily life at work. Generally, I think AI is a field that is intellectually challenging and especially useful since it seems that in the future it will play a particularly important role, changing society, economy, and science radically.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skills on issues of AI through hands-on practice, not only in terms of technical / programming aspects of AI but also in others concerning issues of ethics and AI's general involvement in our lives. I expect that the "Pioneers" initiative will cover those goals of mine and also it will enable me to be a part of a wider network of people with whom I share the same interests and from whom I can learn through their experience, but also obtain the appropriate professional supplies for the challenges of the future.

Gavriil George

Expert for all things digital. Sense maker. Love building products and experiences for the digital age. I have accumulated... Read more

Kopsacheili Katerina

Specialized in Customer Experience of digital and nοn-digital products. Focused on strategy, research, users’/customers’ ... Read more

An interesting journey that will help me optimize Customer Experience.

Knowledge exchange, networking, new ideas, share of experiences, and the sense of belonging in a very special community.

Vasilis Linakis

Founder & CEO of (, an internationally awarded digital agency, in Saudi Arabia,... Read more

A.I. is a technological (and philosophical) area which has always fascinated me. I have always had a very strong interest in it. 20 years ago, during my Master’s Degree, I studied the parameters affecting the successful “existence” of humans in virtual environments. Even since then it was prominent that the level of intelligence of the machine, and how quickly it could adapt to human input, was key in its success to interact with humans and provide an environment in which humans felt more comfortable. Currently I am following an Executive MBA programme and I am finalizing my thesis on the subject of “Legal and Ethical issues affecting the growth of the autonomous car industry. The effect of consumer trust and legislation on the widespread use of autonomous cars.” Autonomous cars rely almost entirely on A.I. The success of these algorithms are key to the growth of almost every industry, including of course the automotive industry.

Due to my deep interest in the field of A.I. I am very keen on being part of an active community of like-minded people, who share an interest in the field. Meeting a mix of business and academic members in the community provides a unique and exciting point of view in Artificial Intelligence.


Christos-Antonios Gizelis

Christos-Antonios Gizelis is a graduate of the Department of Electronic Engineering Technology, Wentworth Institute of ... Read more

My participation in pilot projects with COSMOTE's IT Innovation Center team sparked my interest in AI technologies. This interest is currently being met through my active participation in European research projects that design and create solutions and services using data.

1. The DataPorts Research Project (, which will enhance the transition of European seaports from connected and digital to smart and cognitive, providing a secure environment for gathering and integrating data that come from various sources and belong to different stakeholders. That way, the entire port community can gain real value from this data in order to improve its processes, offer new services, and invent new business models based on Artificial Intelligence and data.


2. The TYPHON Research Project (, whose objective is to provide a validated methodology and integrated technical offering for the design, development, search, evolution, analysis, and monitoring of scalable hybrid architecture data.


From my participation in the 1000 Pioneers initiative, I hope to gain a better understanding, knowledge, and experience in AI technologies, which will significantly help me in my participation in research projects, but also in the management of pilot projects that I participate in or coordinate.

Nikolopoulos-Gkamatsis Filippos

Nikolopoulos-Gamatsis Philippos is a graduate of the Department of Economics of the Athens... Read more

My interest in Artificial Intelligence technologies and applications was sparked during my postgraduate studies and further strengthened through my participation in pilot projects with the IT Innovation Center team of OTE. My goal is to be as involved as possible in this ever-growing field.

1. The TYPHON Research Project (, whose objective is to provide a validated methodology and integrated technical offering for the design, development, search, evolution, analysis, and monitoring of scalable hybrid architecture data.


2. The creation of a Chatbot for internal use. The purpose of this Chatbot is to direct and help the employees of the OTE group through dialogue regarding various company policies and procedures. The creation of this specific tool is based on natural language (Greek) processing techniques as well as Artificial Intelligence techniques.


3. The Proof of Concept (PoC) that utilizes Computer Vision technologies and Artificial Intelligence techniques within OTE Group's retail stores. The project aims to monitor the movement of customers (anonymously and in compliance with GDPR rules) to optimize space organization, enhance human resource management, and achieve various other optimizations.

Through my participation in the 1000 Pioneers initiative, I expect to expand my knowledge regarding Artificial Intelligence technologies with the long-term goal of being able to participate in more related projects. Additionally, I hope to be inspired with possible applications that could be useful in my workplace as well as my personal aspirations.

Gary Joel Pereira

Gary Joel Pereira is a graduate of the Web Design and Game Development Department of IEK Akmi (2019).... Read more

My interest in Artificial Intelligence was sparked during my Game Development studies, where I initially focused on NPC behaviors. This interest was further cultivated through my involvement in projects with the IT Innovation Center Team of the Group of Companies.

By participating in the 1000 Pioneers initietive, I hope to develop experience and better knowledge of ΑΙ technologies so that I can apply it in future projects.

Elli-Maria Gkouti

Elli-Maria Gouti is a graduate of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics ... Read more

In the context of my involvement in the design and management of pilot projects with the IT Innovation Center Group of the OTE Group, I am exploring ideas and solutions to maximize the potential of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in the company's use cases. My interest in AI spans both the technology itself and its practical applications.

One of the AI actions I have been involved in is the creation of a pilot application to guide and solve customer problems through visual feedback, using machine vision technology.

Through my participation in the 1000 Pioneers initiative, I aim to witness firsthand how we can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to address everyday challenges through technology. Simultaneously, I hope to acquire a deeper understanding, knowledge, and experience in AI technologies, which will significantly aid me in scouting innovative solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as well as in the design and management of pilot projects that I participate in or coordinate.

Vassilis Aggelis

Currently an Emeritus Professor of Quantitative Methods at the University of the Aegean at the Department of Business Administration, where I taught from 1987 to 1995 and ... Read more

My relationship with AI is limited. As a Vice President of the Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies, I participated in November 2019 in the proceedings of the 15th National and International Conference of the Company entitled Systemics and Business Intelligence, where I had my first substantial contact with the subject. My recent participation in the SciFY Laboratory for the company ANAVATHMISI SA entitled ‘’Leading AI - Empowered Innovation’’, along with my personal study deriving from this occasion expanded my knowledge, which however remains limited around the possibilities of its application in the business environment.

I have participated in the Systemics and Business Intelligence conference and the SciFY Laboratory as mentioned previously.

As a professor of Quantitative Methods in Schools of Business Administration for many years but also as an employee with extensive experience in the private and public sector, I believe that my participation in the 1000 pioneers, i.e. my most systematic and in-depth involvement with AI, will provide me with great opportunities on the effective use of information. Availability of information has indeed increased tremendously in recent years, in order to address the complexity of the business environment, which is also growing rapidly, I believe partly due precisely to the speed of information transmission.

Thanos Polydoros

Ο Θάνος Πολύδωρος είναι απόφοιτος του Οικονομικού Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών και του London School of Economics & ... Read more

Until robots "understand" us, let us understand what AI is and how AI can make our jobs and our world better. I am an ally in the effort of dozens of scientists, such as Mr. G. Giannakopoulos, on the discreet
demystification of AI and its harmonious integration in our lives.

I am a member of a pioneering community - network of people with a common interest and perception around AI. I hope that with my contribution as well, this community with be constantly expanding with the addition of more remarkable scientists and professionals.
1000 pioneers is a pre-condition but also an opportunity for interesting collaborations on many levels.

Faye Orfanou

Technology Transfer Advisor -- Co-founder & Director of AELIA Lab

Faye Orfanou is a technology transfer advisor, offering services to research organizations ... Read more

Some of my most challenging cases as technology transfer advisor were cases for commercialization of AI research results. AI research can have a spectrum of applications, since AI is practically sector agnostic. At the same time, AI patents are exponentially increasing. (The increase of patented AI applications in the last 2 years is impressive!) Thus, commercialization of AI Research has significant challenges: (a) it raises critical IP issues, (b) it is challenging in terms of market choice “choosing where to play” and (c) it raises regulatory, legal and ethical issues (very attractive to me thanks to my legal background), which may restrict commercialization potential or, on the contrary, open up new market perspectives. All these aspects render AI remains an amazing field for technology transfer and innovation development. Furthermore, within the framework of my activity in AELIA, I have been observing and studying the applications of AI in the fields of Education/Learning & Development, Skills Building, and Human Resources Management. AI applications have been integrated in all those fields and more keep developing, opening up new opportunities, raising new challenges and in any case transforming (if not disrupting) Education, Professional Development and Employment.

By participating to 1000 pioneers for AI, I will have the opportunity to acquire a deeper insight into various applications of AI and their relevant challenges, by participating to learning and knowledge exchange activities. Furthermore, I hope to meet people from diverse sectors who have an original interest in AI and share views, predictions but also fears regarding the future of AI. Moreover, I hope that with AELIA we could also contribute to the community of the 1000 pioneers by organizing learning, capacity building or networking activities regarding professional activities which are based on AI and/or make use of AI as well as regarding the application of AI in the new World of Work and in Education.

Dimitris Siontoros

Access Network Engineer

20 years work experience in Telecoms Industry with expertise on RAN Planning. ... Read more

Antonella Tsoukala

BSc Chemistry

Antonella Tsoukala is a Chemist, passionate about entrepreneurship and the pharmatech industry. She... Read more

Paulina Ploumidaki

IT educator, Robotics coach and Olympian

Paulina studied Informatics and then continued her postgraduate studies in the integration of ICT in Education, while... Read more

I teach AI to my students, today's digital natives, and tomorrow's citizens of an AI-shaped world. Through the Informatics classes and the Robotics trainings, I try to provide the children with the necessary knowledge about Artificial Intelligence as well as the appropriate computational thinking and problem-solving skills, so that they will later be able to respond to the challenges of the future world.

Joining a group with a common vision and networking with people from different scientific fields. Thus, we can achieve the exchange of opinions and experiences, along with the co-creation of motivations. Simultaneously, knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, its challenges, and applications is enhanced.

Sevasti Ioanna Papaioannou

Μηχανικός Διασφάλισης Ποιότητας - Omilia Ltd

Graduate student of the department of German Language and Literature, Quality Assurance ... Read more

As part of my work as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Omilia, I am required to work with interactive applications. Therefore, I have come into contact with technologies such as voice recognition and natural language understanding, simulating and evaluating (among other things) the user experience.


  • An overview of the field of Artificial Intelligence
  • Understanding its basic concepts and the methods it uses
  • Updates on the challenges of the sector and dispelling myths surrounding it
  • Contact with experts and individuals in related subjects

Adamos Daios

Adult Trainer

Engineer with studies in Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, Adult Education, Logistics, ... Read more

Inquisitive with a variety of approaches, carefully considering the trajectory of AI for the purpose of human progress.

1000 Pioneers for Artificial Intelligence

Meeting and collaborating with people who share interests and goals.

Marina Zacharopoulou

Technical Compliance in the field of iGaming

Graduate of the Law School of Athens, EKPA, with postgraduate studies in Artificial Intelligence from the University of ... Read more

Postgraduate studies in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Bologna in 2019-2020

Participation in a consultation on the new proposal for a regulation on Artificial Intelligence at the European level. Presentation of papers at conferences on autonomous vehicles.

Continuous education, active participation in social activities, and engagement in the ongoing 4th industrial revolution. Additionally, AI is an area that demands the collaboration of scientists, sociologists, and lawyers working alongside technical experts. This collaboration is essential to ensure the development of human-centered AI.

Ioanna Malandraki

Secondary Education Teacher

Ioanna Malandraki is a student in the Master's Program in Philosophy with a major in Applied ... Read more

Maria Melissourgou

Teaching at the 'University of the Aegean' & the 'Hellenic Open University'

Research interests related to AI: Corpus Linguistics, Natural Language Processing &... Read more

Konstantinos Konstantis

PhD Candidate

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the National and ... Read more

As a graduate of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA, I acquired knowledge about the creation of artificial intelligence systems. However, during my MA and PhD studies, I shifted my focus to explore the social dimensions of artificial intelligence. My particular interest lies in studying the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and its relationship to society. My primary goal is to unveil the 'black box' of artificial intelligence and examine its non-neutrality.

I have participated in conferences and meetings related to artificial intelligence, including the Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency conference organized by ACM annually. Additionally, I attended meetings such as 'Expert group meeting: AI literacy tools and resources,' 'Learning to act and live with Artificial Intelligence,' and 'Artificial Intelligence: How can youth take part?' organized by the youth department of the Council of Europe.

Being part of the 1000 Pioneers initiative provides me with the opportunity to engage with fellow scientists who share the same passion for artificial intelligence. I have the privilege to organize outreach events with them, addressing societal concerns. Additionally, I share my experiences and perspectives on artificial intelligence through seminars conducted for the 1000 Pioneers community. Lastly, the strength of this community lies in its multidisciplinarity, which is deemed essential for the development of artificial intelligence for the benefit of society.

Andriani Avgerinou


I was born in Athens in 1980. I hold a degree in Sociology from Panteion University of Athens, and I completed ... Read more

Η καθημερινότητα και η εργασία βοηθούν στην τριβή με την ΤN. Προσδοκώ μέσω του μαθήματος ΤΕΧΝΗΤΗ ΝΟΗΜΟΣΥΝΗ που θα παρακολουθήσω στο επόμενο εξάμηνο στο μεταπτυχιακό που φοιτώ, να εμβαθύνω σε τεχνικούς όρους, έννοιες, προγράμματα και τη σχέση της με την Εφαρμοσμένη Ηθική.

Συμμετοχή στο ‘Me and AI: The Students’ Sessions 2022’, την πρώτη φοιτητική διημερίδα με θέμα Τεχνητή Νοημοσύνη και Ηθική. Θέμα εισήγησης, “Ο ρόλος της Ηθικής στην αντιμετώπιση της Αλγοριθμικής Μεροληψίας”.

Η συμμετοχή στους 1000 Πρωτοπόρους θα προσφέρει εξειδικευμένη γνώση, εμπειρία και ευκαιρία για έκφραση ιδεών και σκέψεων σε μια κοινωνία που απαιτεί γρήγορες λύσεις και άμεση αναπροσαρμογή συνθηκών καθώς η Τεχνητή Νοημοσύνη τρέχει με ιλιγγιώδη ταχύτητα ενώ το ποσοστό ψηφιακού αναλφαβητισμού στην Ελλάδα είναι πολύ μεγάλο.

Margarita Palavidou

Fundraising & Development Director at DESMOS

With over 15 years of experience in the field of communication and advertising, where... Read more

I have extensively read about Artificial Intelligence, and like many others, I have utilized various tools recently made available to the public, such as ChatGPT. I am confident that AI, as a tool, will significantly reduce the time spent on many tasks that once consumed a substantial portion of our day. With proper use, it has the potential to offer effective solutions.

Knowledge is power. Anything new is usually scary until you figure out how it works. When you understand how it works, then you can use it for your own benefit, for the organization you work for, and why not, for the common good. 

Loukas Oikonomakis

CTO at Odyssea

Loukas hails from Athens and boasts a background in civil engineering, having earned his degree from... Read more

Embarking on my engineering journey, I immersed myself in the world of AI, delving into optimisation algorithms, heuristics, finite element analysis and machine learning. Along the way, I honed my skills in Python, leveraging it for data analysis in both professional and personal projects, incorporating the magic of machine learning and other AI tools. My enthusiasm for AI extends to staying on the pulse of its rapid advances and joyously tinkering with cutting-edge technologies, including the mesmerizing world of generative AI images, such as Midjourney. What truly ignites my passion is the prospect of AI for Good—applications that target vulnerable groups, democratise access to technology, can uplift developing countries and empower people.

In my ongoing commitment to harnessing AI for positive change, I am actively engaged in several key initiatives and have plans for future endeavors:

- Labour Market Data Analysis: Applying AI to analyze market trends, ensuring Odyssea's vocational training aligns with current needs.

- AI Tools for Employability: Contributing to AI tools that enhance the employability of Odyssea's beneficiaries, facilitating smoother workforce transitions.

- Impact Assessment with AI: Utilizing machine learning for impactful assessment, ensuring data-driven continuous improvement in Odyssea's programs.

- Efficient Internal Operations: Employing AI to streamline internal operations, optimizing workflows to reach and assist more individuals effectively.

- AI Education for Empowerment: Initiating educational programs to bridge the AI knowledge gap for Odyssea's beneficiaries, empowering them with skills for evolving industry demands.

Participating in Pioneers for AI has been a transformative experience for me. Engaging with seasoned experts has not only allowed me to discuss my ideas but has provided invaluable feedback that significantly refined their essence. The networking aspect has been equally rewarding, connecting me with dynamic professionals, opening doors for potential collaborations on projects with shared goals. What sets this community apart is the collective understanding of leveraging AI for non-profit organizations—a shared vision that amplifies the impact of our individual efforts. Pioneers for AI has not only deepened my understanding of the AI landscape but has also equipped me with a practical roadmap for implementing these advancements within a company setting.

Patra Blekou

Communications & PR Manager at Athens Alzheimer Association

Patra Blekou holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master's degree in Healthcare... Read more

Anastasia Psoma

Project Μanager at HΙGGS

Ms Anastasia Psoma studied Business Administration at the University of Macedonia with... Read more

Before the workshop, I was in awe of all the new potential AI brings but I was not really aware of all the possibilities and limitations. Now I am eager to put what we learned in practice and test how AI can help us in our work.

Incorporate AI to some of our functions in the organization.

A better knowledge of the AI field and its practical application to the work of a non-profit organization.

Michalis Vasilakis

Advocacy Manager/ Project Manager at HIGGS

Has more than 10 years of active participation and work in Civil Society in different... Read more

My interaction with AI ChatGPT has evolved into enriching experience through our ongoing conversations. Interacting with AI, represented by our chat history, has become an integral part of my daily routine. I rely on AI not only for obtaining information but also for engaging in insightful discussions and receiving personalized assistance. The seamless flow of information and the ability to explore diverse topics have made this relationship an invaluable resource. The convenience and efficiency of our interactions highlight the positive impact of AI on my learning, problem-solving, and overall digital engagement.

This is an ongoing internal discussion in our organization.

Lots of useful and interesting information about the way AI works and can be useful in our work. For example, how to form a question in ChatGPT in order to receive the result I want.

Sophia Tsivitzis

Public Relations, Partnerships & Fundraising Manager at Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer "Alma Zois"

With Marketing Research as a solid foundation and many years of solid experience in Public... Read more


I got an extremely interesting, useful, and pragmatic overview concerning AI and was filled with thoughts and ideas about how I could use it to make my everyday life easier. I also realized how much work I need to do with my team to get there, which is extremely helpful.

Alexandra Emirza

Deputy Director at HIGGS

Ms Alexandra Emirza, holds a ΒΑ in Public Administration from Panteion University of Social and Political... Read more

I am at the stage that I am reading and trying to acquaint myself with the AI concept, its applications, potential and possible risks.

I am exploring the options of applying an action to my work.


My participation has been eye-opening in terms of understanding the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and its potential. The valuable already existing applications and the world of AI were given in simple and tangible way by the amazing trainers with specific reference to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Starting to comprehend what is AI and how is could be potentially applied in my work and other CSOs. Furthermore, being part of a community that has same interest and shares knowledge and information regarding AI and its application.


Constantinos Liarikos

Head of Development at WWF Greece

Trained economist with postgraduate studies in Economic Development and... Read more

I have a keen interest on the subject both ref its application in my work but also regarding its impact on societies and economies. Despite my keen interest I am only currently starting to unlock its secrets.

Mainly applications regarding the management of relations (CRM) and the synthesis of information in the digital sphere.


A valuable set of tools to better understand AI and start evaluating options for its application.  


Lena Panagiotarea

Project & Fundraising Manager at HIGGS

With more than 20 years of professional experience as a Project Manager - 16 years in the private sector... Read more

Due to a conference of the organization I work for (HIGGS) that will be organized in May 2024 with the theme "Philanthropy, Digital Environment & AI", I have done a research in depth in order to build the agenda of it and found the appropriate speakers for this project. During this research, I read a lot about AI and the evolution that it will bring.

I have already participated in 2 seminars concerning AI and NGOs (additional to SciFY seminar) and for sure I will keep on reading and searching more info about it.

1. Clarified what is AI and what is not.
2. The "fear" about the "evil" that AI can cause in human work and more widely, has been debunked.
3. A lot of scattered information I read about the topic, came into one series and made sense.
4. Very specific information was given about its application, its usefulness and its inclusion in everyday professional work.
5. So useful, simple, understandable, from a team who are experts and have approached and rendered it for "simple users" and listeners.
6. I highly recommend it for all organizations. The most useful seminar I have attended in years.

Christos Rodopoulos

CFO at WWF Greece

Ο Χρήστος γεννήθηκε στη Θήβα. Σπούδασε Οικονομικά στο Πανεπιστήμιο... Read more

It should be clear on what problems AI will solve or new opportunities that it will present. That vision will be translated to a strategy. For many organisations, like us, short-term plans for AI will mainly focus on acquiring new or upgrading existing tools with embedded AI. Applications already delivered via software will simply see this capability integrated and become much more accessible and understandable to the organisation as a whole.Our main goal is to educate our staff , at least in parts, initially in the process of understanding the new capabilities of AI.

For many organizations, short-term plans for AI are going to be primarily focused on acquiring or upgrading existing tools with integrated AI. Applications that are delivered via software-as-a-service or SaaS will simply see the capability as it is made available.

The application of even some basic elements of ΑΙ in our everyday life will make us much more familiar with the next phase of more systematic and qualitative use of the new possibilities it offers. The use of simple everyday applications that aim to simplify and manage a lot of data will be the first phase of our adaptation to the new era of AI.

Frosso Tzintziropoulou

Psychologist, MSc - Psychotherapist in the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer "Alma Zois"

Frosso Tzinziropoulou is a graduate of the Psychology Department of the University... Read more

My introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence started recently with the two-day Training Program 'AI Pioneers in Civil Society.' This particular program has sparked my interest in gaining further knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and exploring its effective application in my field of study.  

With my participation in the 1000 Pioneers program, I have the opportunity to connect and interact with people from various cognitive fields, aiming to exchange opinions on the optimal use of Artificial Intelligence.  

Giorgos Iatrou

Counselor-Psychotherapist, Scientific Manager of platform

George Iatrou is a Mental Health Consultant and psychotherapist. He studied psychology at the... Read more

Ιnitially, my relationship with AI was almost non-existent! Α completely superficial approach to some tools, more in an experimental context due to personal interest. The first and essential contact with it came with the "People With Disabilities Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence" program in collaboration with SciFY!

Networking with colleagues and partners with a vision and passion to work and offer something different, innovative, and effective in people's everyday lives. In particular, I really hope that the program I participated in will be a great bridge, filling a chronic gap in the workplace and vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities!

Varvara Pantelaiou

Psychologist & Career Counsellor at PEPSAEE

Ι am Psychologist and Career Counselor at PEPSAEE, helping people with mental ... Read more

Artificial Intelligence is a tool that will benefit many industries and change work patterns. Although my relationship with Artificial Intelligence is superficial, I am adapting to the changes it brings and developing the skills required.

I participated in the annotation process and understood the quality of this process to bring reliable results using Artificial Intelligence.

It was a ground-breaking initiative and opportunity for both mental health professionals and people with mental health problems to link the need for professional reintegration and psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental illness with the new trends in the labor market and the new opportunities offered by the use of Artificial Intelligence for work.

Polyxeni Kourasti

Psychologist/Scientific Coordinator Day Center for Adolescnets and Young Adults with ASD, Child and Adolescent's Center

I was born and raised in Piraeus, where I completed my secondary education. I continued... Read more

Before my AI annotation training with SciFY, my relationship with Artificial Intelligence was very loose. I had a basic understanding of what it was and how it worked and rarely used it in my daily life. After my training, I gained a deeper knowledge of the concept and can recognize its advantages and applications in science and everyday life and evaluate possible faults and risks that it may carry.

I plan on training people with ASD in the process of annotation so they can develop annotation skills and potentially be employed in this specific field.

I developed my professional skillset and can use this knowledge to facilitate the access of people with ASD to the labor market, thus improving their quality of life. In addition, I can contribute to the creation of AI technologies that are not biased towards people with disabilities.

Katerina Karava

Sociologist Msc, Employment Consultant at PEPSAEE

Katerina Karava is a graduate of the Department of Sociology of Panteion University and holds a master's... Read more

My relationship with Artificial Intelligence, before my involvement in the educational program of SciFY, mainly concerned its use in my daily life through applications, platforms, etc. Now, after attending the program, I am able to understand, to a certain extent, the procedure followed in order to pass data and correct errors in AI programs.

I participated in the annotation training program so that, in turn, I can train mental health service recipients in annotation, with the prospect of them being professionally trained in this field in the future. 

Through my participation in the training, I understood a little better the use of AI in everyday life. At the same time, through this initiative, the way was opened for people with psychosocial difficulties to explore and get to know in practice a professional field that seems like it will occupy the labor market quite a bit in the future.