Meet the AI pioneers in Greece and learn about the initiatives in which they participate.


SciFY - Science For You

Non-Profit Company

SciFY is a technological, Urban NGO, which develops state-of-the-art information systems and offers them free of charge to all, including... Read more

Is an AI Pioneer.Participates in EU Commission’s DIGITAL SME Focus Group on AI
Reported a Pioneer in AI in GR (by Boston Consulting Group)

Experience in AI Training.

  • Has trained over 1,500 people in AI to date.
  • Special programmes for Businesses, Students
  • Local/ International levels

Develops AI solutions.For business and the general public that are used daily.

Works closely with organizations that promote AI:

  • EU Commission
  • NCSR Demokritos
  • Hellenic AI Society
  • SciFY Academy (1500+ people in AI up to date)
  • Prometheus AI Training Program
  • AIIS European project (ΑΙ Training of medical students)
  • NewSum app (AI for the news industry)
  • Alpha and Omega (AI for journalists)

We began '1000 Pioneers for AI' in order to create a network of people that want to innovate utilizing AI in an anthropocentric manner. The first resolts are very encouraging!

Intracom Telecom


is an international provider of telecommunication systems and solutions, with a presence of over 40 years in the market. The company innovates in the fields of wireless access & ... Read more

In 2012, Intracom Telecom introduced BigStreamer™, one of the first Big Data management platforms, and the support of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in the field of telecommunications. Today, the R&D team of our company consists of about 35 people specialized in AI (Data Scientists, Analysts, Engineers, Administrators). This team has been involved in several projects for Telecommunications, Energy, and Health organizations, Banks, and Smart Cities both in Greece and abroad. Among others, the company has developed a number of enterprise-ready AI applications with the generic name Cognitiva™, which are supported by advanced technological tools.

  • Air Pollution Prediction - Prediction of the evolution of air pollution parameters in the city of Belgrade through machine learning
  • Sentiment Analysis - Processing of Greek texts and sound for the automatic detection of positive/negative judgement of clients and of the products that concern them.
  • NFV Resource Intelligence - Smart management of computer resources in networks based on NFV by utilizing advanced forms of AI, like Reinforcement Learning.
  • ETSI ENI - Participation to the Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI) Industry Specifications Group of ETSI stressing the application of AI on the smart management of telecommunication systems.
  • Power Consumption prediction - Research project on the prediction of energy consumption by small and medium-sized businesses through Machine Learning algorithms aiming at green economy.
  • Energy Disaggregation - Research project on the automatic device recognition through their energy footprint in smart energy meters, aiming at limiting the energy consumption of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Crowdsensing Automatic recognition of gathering of a great number of citizens through Wi-Fi networks and sending alarms to municipalities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this community, we have the opportunity to offer and take important knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence, while also creating partnerships with top companies and people. Other than knowledge and experience in AI, the community helps develop the appropriate digital skills so that its members can further co-operate and innovate.


George Giannakopoulos

Expert | Research Fellow at NCSR "DEMOKRITOS" CEO and CRO at SciFY

George Giannakopoulos,has more than 15 years of experience in Software Engineering, IT projects and Artificial Intelligence. He is the CTO of SciFY and a research fellow of the Software ... Read more

He holds a PhD on Artificial Intelligence and specializes in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Mining. Within SciFY he leads a team of more than 10 people on projects related to data mining and text summarization (NewSum project), personalization (PServer project) and other state-of-the-art IT settings.

Prometheus AI Training : “DIGITAL SME Focus Group on AI

Vassilis Giannakopoulos

Marketing and Social Impact Manager at SciFY

Vassilis Giannakopoulos, received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Operations Research and his Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Athens University of ... Read more

Giannakopoulos Konstantinos


Kostas Giannakopoulos is a Physicist (AUTH) with a Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool (1998). He's a Researcher of INN and works in NSCR ''Demokritos'' (Electron Microscopy Lab) since ... Read more

He can help in many neuralgic fields and in Scientific research

Contact with a team that deals with an interesting subject.

Orestis Manos


The subject of my research is the science of materials with emphasis on the search for pioneering magnetic thin films for the purpose of their use in magnetic resistance sensors and disk storage media.

Contribution of artificial intelligence to the search for innovative magnetic structures with special properties for applications of magnetic sensors and disk storage media.

Michael Golias

Informatics professional for 35 years with work experience in IT departments in various private companies in Greece from the position of Head of Department. I began my career... Read more

He can help in many neuralgic fields and in Scientific research

Contact with a team that deals with an interesting subject.

Konstantinidis Efthimios (Akis)

Human Resources Manager (Greece & Cyprus), Printec Hellas SMSA

A motivated, results-focused Human Resources professional, with skills and experience in recruiting, compensation and benefits, employment law & relations,training and development.

Eleonora Ricci

Postdoctoral Researcher

My name is Eleonora Ricci, and I am a Chemical Engineer. I received a PhD from the University of Bologna, Italy, and now, as a postdoctoral researcher, I study the application of machine... Read more

Smaragda Lymperopoulou


Smaragda Lymperopoulou is a Material Engineer with a MSc and a PhD in Chemistry and she holds a second degree in Pedagogy. She has joined KIT and Sussex University as a visiting researcher and University of Southampton and FORTH as a research fellow. Her research interests focus on chemistry, science communication and STEAMM education.

Fotis Papastergiou

An economist with a business background and a keen interest in technology that began with a master's thesis in the music industry. A professional who wandered in the field of health and import trade for several years and out of love entered the field of information technology thanks to Blockchain technology and of course music. In recent years he has been working as a product owner in a fintech IT company specializing in payments. He has never stopped trying to play the bass.

I believe that AI will relatively soon affect all the facets of life. Therefore I think it's useful on a professional, but also on a personal level, to know the subject better.

Initially, from the "Pioneers" I won an interesting introductory seminar about AI. I hope that this try evolves into something truly creative on a professional and social level.

Giota Stathakou

Company executive

She is distinguished for her high-level studies and her 12 years of professional experience in big4 companies such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Grant Thornton. She has attended extensively and has been certified for her knowledge in the “A.I. for business implications" from MIT in America. She is interested in Artificial intelligence as it has entered our lives for good. She describes herself as a woman with a vision, very ambitious with worries, self-confidence, and a smile.

I have watched the relevant subject in MIT and am very interested in the transformation that is about to take place in oue life in the near future.

Anastasis Stamatis

Co-founder & Data Scientist, Dataphoria

Anastasis is a Data Scientist and the co-founder of Dataphoria, a start-up company with the goal of leveraging data for sustainable development and social good. He is the curator of Global Shapers Athens Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and one of the coordinators of the pan-Hellenic volunteer campaign Let's do it Greece.

Artificial intelligence has become entrenched in our lives in recent years. My goal is to use this advanced technology for sustainable development and social good.

I am part of a community of people with different fields of action, that are linked by a common interest: Our interest in AI and our want to contribute to its utilization, each one in his or her own field.

Nikos Paliogiannis

Intellectual Property Manager

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering (NTUA). I worked for many years in the evaluation, management and control of investment proposals under the NSRF Programs. Since May 2018, I have been working in the Innovation Office of NCSR "Demokritos", dealing mainly with patent management issues and technology transfer.

Artificial Intelligence has piqued my interest on various levels for a while now. In the context of my work, regarding evaluation and suggestion on technologies/patents that include AI methods or the development of ideas and the writing of research funding proposals on behalf of the researchers of NCSR "Demokritos" and companies of the Technology Park "Lefkipos", as well as on a personal level as I am interested in the development and the programming of AI methodologies to be used in my research efforts or in the facilitation of my daily life at work. Generally, I think AI is a field that is intellectually challenging and especially useful since it seems that in the future it will play a particularly important role, changing society, economy, and science radically.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skills on issues of AI through hands-on practice, not only in terms of technical / programming aspects of AI but also in others concerning issues of ethics and AI's general involvement in our lives. I expect that the "Pioneers" initiative will cover those goals of mine and also it will enable me to be a part of a wider network of people with whom I share the same interests and from whom I can learn through their experience, but also obtain the appropriate professional supplies for the challenges of the future.