“Artificial Intelligence - A Discreet Demystification”


The book "Artificial Intelligence - A Discreet Demystification" is under publication.

George Giannakopoulos, PhD

In this book we are called to participate in an exciting journey of co-discovery of artificial intelligence, in terms that are understandable but also scientifically sound.

In front of us fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence will unfold with simplicity, and will reveal the ways in which machines learn, as well as where and how they contribute to aspects of our lives. We will talk about artificial intelligence in the arts, the sciences in general, even in theoretical sciences, industry and education, but also in a variety of other areas of knowledge and action. We will provide a wealth of technical and non-technical references, for the computer scientist, the scientists in other fields, as well as for the everyday reader, outlining an astonishing horizon that opens up on the occasion of artificial intelligence.

In the book - through a discreet demystification - we will lower the expectations about artificial intelligence, without taking anything away from our enthusiasm for the achievements in the field. We will also dispel irrational fears, but also have fun with the well-publicized - and highly distorted - stories about future’s and today’s intelligent machines.

The book will try in its last chapters to capture what is happening in the field of artificial intelligence in Greece and today 's world, an era that lays the foundations for an exciting tomorrow at the political, social and technological level. In this imprint we will suggest ways for each of us, experts and non-experts, to take a stand and be able to co-create artificial intelligence in the coming years in a human-centered and collectively beneficial way, away from conspiracy theories and closed communities.

Above all, this book is called to bring humans - in all their splendor and darkness - to the background, but also to the forefront of intelligent systems. Even more, it will indicate how and why the search for artificial intelligence is at the core an essential search into the depths of human and humanity.