24th SciFY Academy: Artificial Intelligence & Data in Journalism

24th SciFY Academy
Artificial Intelligence & Data in Journalism

On Thursday, September 20th, people from fields such as Technology, Information Technology, Journalism, etc were found for another seminar at INNOVATHENS for the first seminar of the new academic year. SciFY Academy for September and October deals with Artificial Intelligence and Data as tools and how they are used in various scientific fields. Specifically, we refer to the role and applications of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence in Social and Human Sciences.

In September, the first part of the series, the 24th SciFY Academy had the topic: "AI & Data in Journalism" focusing on Journalism where we learned that a journalist can do better and faster research by using open data using Artificial Intelligence tools.

First, Dr. Michalis Vafopoulos from NCSR Demokritos spoke to us about the Google DNI OpJ project, which aims to reinforce the re-use of open economic data by facilitating search and access to the original source of data.

Then, Dr. Georgios Petassis, also a researcher at NCSR Demokritos and CEO of Intellitech, presented us with examples (YourDataStories Project) so that we can visualize and analyze open government data to understand and exploit them for purposes of transparency and anti-corruption.

Finally, Dr. Giorgos Giannakopoulos, SciFY' CTO and researcher at NCSR Demokritos analyzed how a NewSum application could be a solution for extracting abstracts from many sources and thousands of news in a way that allows quick and efficient information distribution, always with reference to sources, while maintaining the possibility of verification. Indeed, the fact that this particular application, NewSum, works independently in language, which strengthens journalists and citizens around the world so that the impact could be multiplied.

You can see all event presentations here (in Greek).

We warmly thank INNOVATHENS as well as all of you where you once again contributed to realizing our vision of the free dissemination of knowledge!