"Prometheus" Program | An innovative technology transfer program

An innovative technology transfer program in Greece

Can researchers become entepreneurs?
"Prometheus": a pioneering Tech Transfer program for the strengthening of innovation in Greece

 SciFYin collaboration with international prestigious SRI International and the support of the U.S.A Enbassy in Athens starts the "Prometheus" program: a pioneering program with the goal of training researchers on Tech Transfer. From April 13th-21st dozens of researchers from all over the country will see in practice how they can reshape their research work/idea into a product/service, but also the role of critical factors such as AI. 

The need is clear: though there are over 40.000 holders of PhD titles in Greece (2% of university graduates, following the EU trends), the PhDs aren't connected with innovation. Most PhD holders follow a career in academia and the companies aren't concerned with PhD programs. Therefore, innovation generated in research centers rarely reaches the greek entrepreneurial ecosystem.

'There are "gems" hidden in drawers in research centers all around the country that remain unexploited. Research whose results never made it to our life, when they could have made it so much better', says Vassilis Giannakopoulos, Marketing and Social Impact Manager of SciFY.

'Among those can be new diagnostic tests or treatments for diseases, new materials with amazing abilities, anything we can imagine! And anything we can't... And that is because the researchers haven't been trained in how to put their ideas into practice, how to create products, services, companies. How to co-operate in order to offer us true innovation.

'We often hear that there are exceptional minds in Greece. When we no longer see just the minds, but also the people that can shape groups, and we give them the proper push and support, there can be small miracles. With this program, we want to unleash the creative ability of people that want to move forward from research to the marketplace: researchers that want to create solutions for society, solutions that will move all of us a step forward. Researches from NCSR DemokritosFORTH, and other research bodies, as well as executives of new spin-off companies, will have the opportunity to be trained and we hope that they surprise us!'

So, with the "Prometheus" program dozens of researchers from all over Greece will learn:

  • how they can put their idea into action, developing new products/services with serious utilization prospects
  • how they can communicate their idea to the public so that everyone understands it
  • the role of complex factors such as AI

The program includes workshops, online educational material, mentoring from experienced mentors of international prestige, and much more! 

In total, the program includes:

  1. Educational Workshop on Technoly Transfer
  2. Artificial Intelligence Seminars
  3. Mentorship program: Selected researchers will also be supported after the conclusion of the training through a mentorship program where the mentors from SRI will support the trained Greek researchers for a period up to 6 months.

Creation of science communication and pitching skills.